Time to Transition!!

And so it begins...new space, new ideas, new classes, new projects.

After dealing with 2020,,,who doesn't need a fresh start!! Monday we started our move to the new space. It is a blank slate waiting to be filled with warmth and color. I have laid it out in my head over and over, so now I get to see how reality alters that mental picture. My goal is to be up and going by January 2. Until then, we will be closed to in-store shopping.

You may email or message me with questions or needs. Our online shop is OPEN for viewing 24 / 7. I plan to still hold scheduled classes and will email details to those who attend in-person or virtually.

Our NEW address will be 8 E Main St, in Casey, Illinois. This New Space is just located 2 doors down from our corner location. FYI...the lighting in this space is top notch so you can more accurately view color selections.

New Offerings for early 2021

In early 2021, I will be rolling out a new club called, "The First Stitch" Club. Over the years, I have a taught a vast number of people to knit. This course was designed as a way to continue to teach beginners how to start and finish their first few projects with success. My goal is to help the new knitter grow in their skills as well as refresh those who are rusty in their skills. This club consists of 6 lessons. Participants will receive a new lesson and supplies needed every 6 weeks. Each lesson builds on the previous taught skill. My goal is to create confident knitters through simple projects. If this is of interest to you...watch for details. Sign-ups will start early in January.

We will be offering 2 Knit A Longs also starting in January.

Our first offering is a Blanket Knit-A-Long that will kick off in Early January. This is a KAL promoted by Sirdar. The title of this Knit A Long is called "No Place Like Home". How appropriate is that name after the year we have had?!? I have purchased 3 kits that I can offer the participants. Each kit contains 24 skeins of DK Country Classic for a finished blanket size of 51 x 47. This project is divided into 8 sections. The designer is Emma Wright. Colors are pre-selected, kitted up, and ready to ship or pick up. Price for the kit is $132.

Introduction to the KAL can be found here.

Interested...hop over to our website and select a kit.

The first kit is "Yorkshire Welcome". The second kit is "Nordic Retreat". The third kit is "Creative Place".

Our second offering is a Knit-A-Long featuring the famous "Weekender" by Andrea Mowry. There will be 2 options on this one. Andrea's first version of the weekender uses worsted weight yarn and has been knit over 9000 times. It is a true classic. Due to the popularity of the traditional weekender sweater, Andrea made a lighter version called the "Weekender Light". The light version uses fingering weight yarn. Our goal for completion is by Mid March. This Knit A Long will start on January 15, 2021 and end on March 15, 2021. There is no fee to KAL with us. However, those who purchase supplies through the shop will be eligible for purchase incentives and prizes. Here is a link to a small blog post I made about this sweater.

The first photo is of the Worsted weight version. The second and third are of the Fingering weight version. I will cover all of the fiber choices for both versions of this sweater in a promo video that will go out right after Christmas. Stay tuned for that video and sign up info!!

In the meantime here are some great worsted weight yarn choices to explore

Shepherds Wool

Woolstock by Blue Sky Fibers

Sueno Worsted by Hikoo

Babe Softcotton Worsted

Concept Cotton Merino by Katia

Kestrel by Quince

Rios by Malibrigo

Sweater by Spud & Chloe

Ultra Alpaca by Berroco

Vintage Worsted by Berroco

Lark by Quince

Owl by Quince (not on the site yet)

Simplinatural by Hikoo

Silky Wool Aran by Elsebeth Lavold

Kenzie by Hikoo.

Whimbrel by Quince

What a great start to the New Year!!

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to view our progress.

Be in touch soon!!


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