Stuck inside...Knit-A-Long with us!!

This KAL was designed to be a distraction from the COVID-19 virus and provide you with a creative outlet for relieving stress and anxiety. In Illinois we are under an order to "shelter in place" and only go out for essentials.

The pattern is a Stitch Sampler Scarf that ( I am designing as we go). My sample uses worsted weight yarn. You may make adjustments in the pattern for width if you select a different weight of yarn from your stash. I am calculating this pattern to use approximately 400 yds. This pattern will change stitch patterns through out this project to relieve boredom and encourage you to try something new.

I am keeping it basic so that this will appeal to those at varying levels of knitting skill. Therefore this pattern is comprised of varying combinations of the knit and purl stitch. Yes...there is beauty in simplicity done right!!

Let's get started!!

1. Select an appropriate yarn from your stash with approximately 400 yds.

2. Select a needle that is one size larger than the recommended needle size as listed on the label. For example: if the yarn recommends a size 7, then use a size 8. Our goal is to create a little bit of drape in the fabric we are knitting.

3. Cast on 41 stitches. Trust me on the number as I have calculated the stitch pattern and border stitches to get that total. This stitch pattern calls for a multiple of 8 + 1.

4. Create the bottom edge border by completing 4 rows of Seed Stitch or Garter stitch.

I have attached a video that gives a little explanation about how this pattern came to be and how to complete the border area.

Now that you have the border completed, we will begin the first stitch pattern for this section of the scarf. Please note that the beginning and ending 4 stitches of every row is a continuation of the border that you created in the first 4 rows of your project. Whether you chose Seed Stitch or Garter Stitch continue this on both edges.

I find it helpful to add a stitch marker after the first 4 border stitches and before the last 4 border stitches as a gentle reminder of where the stitch pattern stops and starts on each row. Below is a picture of the border and the beginning patten stitch.

You have until Thursday to complete this portion before the next stitch pattern is released. In the meantime...Happy Knitting!!

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