Stitch Sampler Scarf - Reveal!!

Blocking is like adding icing to a cake. It is the finishing touches that set the stitches into place. In other words, it makes your hard work shine bright!!

For those who are unsure about the process...I will b briefly take you through the steps.

I like to see how much my project changes so I take pre-block measurements.

Fill the sink with cool tap water. Add a tiny bit of wool wash. I used Eucalan.

After 30 minutes of soaking, notice how the material has become throughly saturated.

Lift the material from the water and gently remove the excess water.

My favorite place to block projects is on the floor of my spare bedroom. The only thing missing from the picture is the fan that I use to circulate the air and make the project dry more quickly.

Once the project is completely finished drying...I like to take a post blocking measurement. In this case the project grew over 12 inches!! This is why it is so vitally important to properly block swatches before embarking on a garment. All yarns behave differently and in this case, the fit would have been very poor without properly completing my homework. However, on this scarf...I am very happy to have gained the added length.

Now for the BIG reveal...

Thank you to everyone for your support in the project!!! You are the best!


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