Stitch Sampler Scarf - Part 7

Can you believe we are starting the last section of the KAL?!?! The varying pattern sections have really kept me "mentally engaged" in this project. I do not usually pick to knit a scarf as I get bored half way through and the project ends up stuffed in a knitting bag on the back of a shelf. Anyone else?? My goal was to keep myself engaged so that it worked for you, too.

I also hope that you have been encouraged to get a stitch sample book and try out some new designs.

I collect informational knitting books and want to encourage you to add a few to your stash. One of my favorites is a very old copy that was given to me by a knitting friend. It is a 25 cent pocket guide...what a cool find!!

Now to start the last pattern section. The selected pattern stays right in our range of a multiple of 8 stitches. It is an 8 + 1 pattern with a 16 row repeat titled, Chevron Stitch.

The previous section of Seed Stitch was completed over 41 stitches and this is exactly the number of stitches needed to complete this pattern. Overall, it is fairly straightforward. I have chosen to complete 3 - 16 row repeats before finishing with the bottom border section. You can add an extra section if you desire.

As you can see, I only have one more section of repeats to complete. Then I will finish with 4 rows of Seed Stitch. I will bind of "in pattern" to complete this project. My plan is to post a blocking segment and the finished project unveiling on Wednesday. Stay tuned and of course Stay Healthy!!


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