Stitch Sampler Scarf - Part 6

Slow but sure on this update!! The weather was so gorgeous this afternoon that I could not resist spending some extra time outside enjoying the sunshine.

This pattern will be worked over a longer section of our scarf. It will likely mark the 300 yd point in your scarf (depending on your tension). The design resembles a leaf pattern and is called a "Welted Leaf Pattern. It is worked over a multiple of 8 sts.

You will need to adjust your stitch count on the first row of the pattern. I have added this information into Row 1. Your stitch count after this will be 40 stitches.

After completing Rows 1 & 2, you will only repeat Rows 3 - 14 for the rest of this section.

At the end of the pattern you will need to adjust your stitch count back to 41 so that the Seed Stitch border plays out correctly. The best place to complete this would be at the end of the last repeat of row 14.

Please don't hesitate to let me know of errors you find in the pattern. I do have some minor adjustments to make to patterns 4 & 5. I am pleased to see that this did not slow many of you down at all!! Thanks for your patience with me :)

Enjoy this beautiful weather we have been blessed with and knit is my favorite place to knit!!


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