Stitch Sampler Scarf KAL - Part 3

Hi everybody...I don't know about you but I am extremely thankful for the gift of knitting as it allows me to keep my hands busy and my mind creatively active!! I also want to give a shout out to those who have gotten their needles back out after some time off. The therapeutic benefits of this craft are numerous!

Meanwhile, the third section of our scarf is ready to go! It is a Diagonal Seed Stitch pattern. I am continuing onward with unique combinations of knit and purl stitches. Hope you are not bored with the simplicity. Personally, I use it as an opportunity to tweak my techniques. (always striving to do better...LOL)

This pattern is a multiple of 8 +3. Our original cast on was 41 stitches. To make this work, we will once again be utilizing a set up row to obtain the correct number of stitches for this pattern to play out correctly.

Just a reminder...the set up row only has one appearance in this pattern and it is on the very first row. You will return to using the Row 1 instructions as written in the pattern sequence starting with your second set of repeats. You are aiming for a total of 5 repeats which is approximately a 6 inch section.

I also added a page of KAL Pattern that contain PDF copies to the website so that you can more easily get a copy of the instructions.

I am not adding a video today...but will be checking in with you in 2 days!!

Happy Knitting!! Jeanette

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