Sampler Stitch Scarf - Part 5

We are past the halfway point on this project!! Today we will start a new section that will measure approximately 6.5 inches before adding the border. The stitch we are using on this section might be my favorite one so far.

Please note that any of the stitches we have used can be applied to other projects. These designs would look great as an accent stitch on numerous projects.

I am leaving off the border stitches in the instructions on each row. Instead I have given you a guide to follow at the top of the written pattern.

Today's pattern is called a Diamond Pattern and lends to a rather simple look. It is a multiple of 8 +1. The extra stitch we added to the previous border section will allow this pattern to play out perfectly over 41 stitches total.

Happy Knitting Everyone!! Jeanette

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