Sampler Stitch Scarf - Part 2 - (revised pattern edition)

Hi Everybody!! if you are getting this is because I made a mistake on the pattern and in order to fix it, I have to re-publish.

Thank you so much for the kind words!! Hope you were able to get this project cast on with 400 yds of worsted weight...from your stash.

I also made a correction in the pattern for the first section. It can be found in Row 4. The last border edge should read p1, k1, p1, k1. I had written it switched around.

Now to the next section!! I am attaching a video where I go over the new stitch pattern and touch on how the new pattern gets started and finishes.

If I did not already tell you...each section from now on will end in 4 rows of your chosen border stitch. I have selected the seed stitch and will use it in my pattern notes. We also need to adjust our main pattern from 33 stitches across to 32. Then before starting the border we will add that stitch back on the very last row. So read the paragraph below the pattern before completing the last row in this pattern section.

I have also chosen not to make each block identical in size. We are going to give it some interest by changing up the length of the pattern sections. The first section was 6 inches and this second section is 10 inches. We are shooting for a 62 to 64 inch scarf in length (fingers-crossed)

Below is a PNG of the pattern. I am having trouble getting a PDF loaded but will continue to work on getting a PDF copy on here.

Revised pattern...

(I have revised this pattern and the copy above is the revised version)

See you back here on Saturday evening...Happy Knitting!!

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