Progress KAL Update

First of all I need to send out a HUGE apology for not making much personal progress on this piece. Hope everyone else is making better progress than me!!

I have continued to follow the chart while checking it against the written row. Each repeat of the Main Pattern chart creates a leaf. AND remember each section will contain shorter rows. I feel like the slowest part is the getting started and developing the pattern mentally.

I had a knitter say to me something I have never forgotten after she put her project away for a bit. She describe her project status as "it went cold". I thought this would be an excellent way to describe what will happen with this pattern if you take much of a break. You will need a period of "warming" up to it again. Can you tell that I have taken a few

I have also been asked for alternatives to this pattern for the knitter who needs a more portable project or is not comfortable with the intermediate level of this project. I have a new suggestion that I stumbled across. It is a pattern called Wave by Kristen Finlay. This pattern alternates sections of simple lace with garter stitch. I have cast this shawl on and have found that it is absolutely essential to make sure your edge stitches are super loose. Stitches that are too tight will alter the overall drape and shape of the shawl. So far I am liking the simplicity of this pattern and speed at which I can make progress.This is a free download on Ravelry. I am using a size 5 needle but a larger needle may lend to having a more loose edge.


I have spent countless hours restructuring both sides of the shop, which has left little time for personal knitting. Every single skein of yarn has been counted and moved.

The whole COVID thing has been super difficult to navigate through. Many times I have questioned my ability to continue the brick and mortar part of the store. Just keeping up and implementing the necessary technology has been a "job" in itself. But I am not ready to "throw in the towel" yet. I will test the waters for a bit more and see what unfolds in the next few months. Distributors frequently reach out to us with ideas and promotions which is of great help.

I have chosen to operate the shop on limited hours to meet the restrictions that the state of Illinois has put into place for us (wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces, social distancing, and limiting the number of customers in the shop). Trying my best to be a responsible shop owner :)

Right now we are OPEN Thursday - Saturday from 10 to 4. The Yarn Studio area has been completely restructured. The Online portion of the shop has continued to stay strong. I have found that it was hard to pack and ship boxes out with the setup as it was. Therefore, I have better organized the storage area and have limited the public portion.

What to organized area that has one skein of each of yarn listed in the online shop on display. Always available is all of the Quince inventory as they require that from their shops. I am working on creating kits for popular projects. I want the this to be a place of inspiration for all who enter.

YES you may visit during designated OPEN hours and make purchases however we will need time to "pull" your materials as the inventory storage is no longer open to the public. I always welcome appointments if you are contemplating a bigger project and need assistance making choices.

Feel free to email me with your needs!!

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