Our Latest KAL Starts Today!!

Today marks the beginning of our knit a long with the pattern Nettle by Leila Raven from the book "To The Point."

This evening I recorded a Live Facebook video in our VIP group. Believe me... it was the "real deal" bloopers and all!! I will be posting the edited version here for those who do not use Facebook.

Note: I would encourage you to wind your yarn into an old fashioned yarn ball. This seems to work best for linen fiber. Let's just say that this will save you frustration later.

Due to technical difficulties (the tripod falling over, the battery going dead, and my puppy barking like crazy) this original video was divided into 2 sections.

Note: If you are unsure if this pattern is for you...then I suggest knitting a gauge swatch first. There is a pattern written just for the gauge swatch. I am not concerned with your measurements...just your level of confidence.

The 2 alternative patterns are simple and would make great substitutes.

1. Zilver by Lisa Mutch - free download on Ravelry

2. Taina by Eeva Kesakuu - free download on Ravlery

Remember that this is journey...not a race. The goal is to finish with confidence in time to wear this summer. I will be checking in with you next week.

I will post the next video LIVE to our VIP (very important projects) group. If you are not a member of the group but would like be inspired and follow along with the inner circle of

The Yarn Studio request an invite through our regular Facebook page. We would love to have you be apart of our knitting community!!

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