Day 4 of Project Inspiration!!

Cold snowy days are perfect for warm cozy cowls. On Day 4 of Project Inspiration... I am featuring my very favorite cowl pattern. It is quick and with the correct yarn selection, is very easy to wear. Crazy but I am addicted to this one!!

This favorite cowl is “Drop Stitch Cowl” by Abi Gregorio and I find myself reaching for this cowl quite often. The yarn I used in most of the cowls has unfortunately been discontinued. However, I was able to snag a few skeins before it sold out. You will find it below listed as De Aire.

This pattern calls for a size US 15 circular needle. The circumference of the cowl allows for use of a 24 inch cable. The designer calls for 110 yds however I was able to complete my projects with about 90 yds. This pattern utilizes a dropped stitch to give it extra length but also nice drape. I will list out suggestions below that are good choices for this project.

De Aire was distributed by Plymouth Yarn Co. before it was discontinued. We have limited supply in the following colors and you only need one skein!! and it is sale priced @ $8 per skein...

The next option is a favorite by many... Rasta by Malibrigo and retails for $22 per skein.

Our last featured yarn is 2 types of Alpaca Blends both consist of a chained construction. Due to low yardage it would take 2 to complete this pattern. We have limited supply and is SALE priced @ $15 Per set.

There are a couple of other pattern options that I would also like to highlight and would be suitable substitutes by the same designer.

All patterns featured are available by electronic download either through our store or on Ravelry.

The yarns featured are listed on our shops store site

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