Day 2 of Project Inspiration!!

Knitting a shawl pattern can be a huge investment of time. Perhaps that is why I was attracted to this chunky version with just enough lace to add interest. Decemberist by Melanie Berg is completed on a size US 11 needles and just 350 yds of chunky weight yarn.

Tara knitted our sample piece using Mega Merino by Diamond Yarn. Our yarn selection did not disappoint!! This particular yarn was made in a Italy and is affordably priced at $13 per 98 yds.

Tara completed the bind off as instructed in the pattern but we could not keep it from rolling. After taking it out and utilizing a traditional bind off, the edge stays put with the addition of strategically placed fringe. Wet blocking pops the stitches In the lace design.

I am a firm believer in ”wet” blocking. Fully immerse your project in a sink full of tap water for a minimum of 20 minutes. Carefully squeeze out excess water. I prefer to lay my project on the floor of our spare bedroom, placing a neutral colored towel underneath the wet piece (I learned the hard way not use a colored towel). Then I typically pin corners and points into place using stainless steel pins that poke into the pad of the carpet. A fan can be added to speed up the drying process. This piece was completely dry in 1.5 hours!!

Mega Merino is the yarn we choose for our project and is our 1st recommendation.

2nd Opsrey by Quince and Co. I can not say enough good about this fiber!!!

Osprey by Quince and Co. is $16 per skein and at 170 yds per skein... 2 skeins could complete this project. Note that adding fringe will take a bit more yarn. We carry about 10 colors of Osprey in the shop. Need a different color...we have access to the companies inventory of "in stock" color choices. You will have to call the shop to order this beauty as online orders are restricted by Quince.

Our 3rd choice is North Star by Berroco which has a light and airy texture of 82% alpaca.

Each skein has 109 yds and costs 12.95 each. We have multiple colors in the shop but are highlighting some classic colors.

If you want to get this project on the needles... email me and I will provide your pattern for free!! Stayed tuned for Day 3 of Project Inspiration...

Email Jeanette - or call the shop @ 217-932-5851


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