This good news has been a long time coming with many distractions and diversions. Amazingly...COVID has had a positive impact on my creative side. The old slogan "getting back to basics" has found many Makers asking for lessons and tutorials on knit, crochet, felting, and weaving. After a much needed time of rest, reflection, and regrouping, I am pleased to announce that The Yarn Studio is undergoing some positive changes.

I have traveled many roads over the past 10 years of being in business. As a result, I have come full circle in my thinking and direction. I am choosing to let go of some things and add back others. In essence, I am going to back to my original dream and "get the yarn shop back to the basics."

My footprint in the Online World has opened up new doors that I could have only dreamed about 3 years ago. We are getting ready to launch our first ever workshops that will be available both "in-person" and virtually. It is so exciting to have the opportunity to extend my teaching to people from various locations in this country. What could be better...a class right from the comfort of home?!?!

I love to see people create beautiful things with their hands. I also enjoy visiting with my customers but due to running 2 shops side by side, those visits have been limited. So I am pleased to announce that I will be moving my location into a building that I renovated 2 years ago. New space...New start. I will now have space for a private classroom area and a cozy place for Makers to hang out. My goal is to get things switched over in early January.

I am attaching the post that I put out this morning. It explains my heart for teaching.

In a community where the trend is to GO BIG...I have made the personal decision to return to my original passion and go SMALL. 

This decision has been weighing heavy on my heart for quite some time and it is NOT to be blamed on COVID. 

My true business passion is for teaching and helping others create beautiful things with their hands. The timing is right (believe it or not) for me to move closer to that original dream. 

On December 31, 2020 I will close The Farmer’s Wife Gift Shoppe and I will turn my full focus onto further developing The Yarn Studio, by growing my online presence, teaching classes, and providing customers with the best fiber supplies in the area.

I will be moving The Yarn Studio  and some of our popular brands to  8 E Main Street. (formerly rented by Greathouse of Country)  

I will no longer occupy the corner building and it will be for sale or rent. 

The following brands that were carried in the Farmer’s Wife location will be stocked in the new 

Yarn Studio location:

Brumate & Swig

Farm Fresh Spa products

1803 Candles

Black Crow candles

Bridgewater Candles which includes Sweet Grace products

Our “in-house” jewelry line - Perfect Peace

Loose leaf tea, spices, and popular consumables.

And our ever popular...Monogram Door Letters

In addition to providing the best “making” experience around...the NEW location will focus on providing the community with small gift items listed above and a larger selection of cards. 

My plans are to convert my present Yarn Studio space into a classroom area that will enable me to return to my first love...teaching. My goal in that space is to offer a variety of “making” experiences based on interest. Bear with me as I make this BIG transition and refine my shop focus.


On another note...One of our sweater workshops is set to kick off this week on Thursday - November 5th @ 2 PM. I am excited to be teaching both online and in-person. If you have not signed up...there is still time. The virtual option for this class is recorded during the in-person session. It will be edited and can be accessed on your time schedule.

I have had many questions about the structure of this sweater choice. It is designed to be oversized and reminds me of a sweatshirt style of fit.The arm holes are roomy. The pattern is designed for long sleeves however I modified to my personal prefernce. This will be completed with worsted weight on a size 9 needle (or the size needed to achieve the proper gauge). Not to worry we cover every step from choosing a size, selecting yarn, swatching for gauge, and preparing to ensure you will be off to a good start. The first class is informational. The actual sweater will be started in the second class. Pur goal is to have a finished sweater in time for Christmas!!

For those who have signed up...details and class layout schedule will come via email on Tuesday.

If you are still thinking this one over...hop over to out website and look it over.

My First Sweater Workshop


Our second sweater workshop is based off of the Cocoknit Method of sweater construction. This is offered both in-person and online. This workshop kicks off this Saturday November 7 @ 10:00. There is NO prep before attending the first session. This session will focus on yarn selection, style selection, needle choices, gauge swatching, and blocking the swatch. We will lay a firm foundation for successful sweater knitting. The online portion will be recorded, edited and then made available the following Monday for viewing on your own time schedule. When you sign have access to both formats.

Unsure...pop over to our website and check out the details.

CocoKnits Sweater Workshop


I am in the developing stages of designing a beginner / refresher knitting course called "The First Stitch Club." My goal is to provide video instruction and an accompanying project for new knitters to grow more confident in their knitting skills. (It will also serve as a great way to refresh rusty skills) The course is designed to be completed in 9 months from start to finish. I am planning for a January release and have more details closer to that date.

Rest easy and get a project on your needles soon!! Bear with us as we transition from one space to the other. I will also need your patience as I sell down my Farmer's Wife inventory and work to clean out that space.

Happy making days are ahead!!


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