Week 1 KAL Progress Updates...

Our spring Linen Knit A Long is in full swing!! Lots of great projects are ready to be created. My job is to keep you motivated and inspired to finish on time. The deadline for finishing is June 15th. If you haven't started yet...there is still time to catch up with us!! If you don't live close, we can get a package on the way to you.

Here is a quick video update of progress on Week 1...Yeah!!!

I hope you are loving the linen. Some people describe it as stiff or grassy feeling. Yes, some linen really feels that way. Trust me...Quince and Co is some of the softest linen I have worked with and it only gets better with time. Linen yarn creates classy pieces that you will be proud to wear. People will likely surprised when you reveal that the item you are wearing is hand knit.

I am knitting the Scarborough Shrug designed by Pam Allen in Sparrow using a size # 6 needle.

The main piece is a giant rectangle. So far I am about 2 inches into the project. I have set a deadline to be finished with the main section in 2 weeks. That allows one week for completing the sleeves and another week to add the ribbing edge.

Marilyn is knitting the Sandshore Cardigan by Alicia Plummer. She was able get gauge using the recommended needle size of 10.5. Other knitters have had to flex their needle sizes to achieve correct gauge.

Note that if you are knitting this cardigan, the design down the back can be placed off to one side or centered. She used different color stitch markers to signal the area where the center pattern is to be worked.

The beauty of knitting a top down piece is that you can actually slip it over your shoulders to check the fit. Make sure that when the garment joins together under the arm that it is comfortable. Too tight underarms are no fun!!

Loving this color!! When knitting with Linen, your stitches may appear uneven or wonky. Never fear...blocking will even this out (assuming you normally have nice straight stitches). Looking good!!

Several are knitting the Bayou shawl designed by Leila Raabe.

I was told by one knitter, that she was sure there was a mistake in the pattern as her stitch count kept coming up short. Turns out the way the yarn overs were worked caused them to more easily slip back off needle. Once she got that straighten out, the rhythm of the pattern has unfolded. This shawl does require about 8 inches of set up rows.

Last but not least is a little more info about the poncho that I designed. It has been very popular and a few are casting on for it. The beauty in this piece is the "fading" design of the hand painted linen by Claudia Handpaints - Drama sport weight. The poncho pattern is basic and the fading really changes it up. If you are interested in getting this on your needles...contact us:)

See you soon!!


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